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At NewScape Design Group we provide a holistic view to the Building process encompassing every process that may need to be addressed during this time. As we all lead very busy lives, it is consuming enough to deal with one service let alone several services, hence the reason why at NewScape Design Group we prefer to take on this responsibility ourselves and reducing the burden on you as the client.

We offer the following services;

  1. Initial Consultation- Client Meetings (free of charge).

  2. Schematic and Preliminary Design.

    1. Floor Plans

    2. Elevations

    3. Simple Sections

  3. The BIM system allows me to produce conceptual 3D images allowing clients to see thoughts and end results.

  4. Design and Development of Design Drawings for Development Approval-(if required).

  5. R-Code Applications to Local Authorities

  6. Design and Development of Working Drawings for Building License.

  7. Consultation between key partners;

    1. Structural Engineers

    2. Energy Efficiency Assessors

    3. Bushfire Assessors- Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) Rating

    4. Local Shires and Councils

    5. Builders

    6. Material Suppliers

    7. Building Surveyors

    8. Land Surveyors

  8. Project Management

  9. 3D Rendering- This is provided for clients that wish to see life like images of their desired projects.


    You can elect to engage us in all or part of the above, depending on your needs.

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