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NewScape Design Group was formed back in early 2010.  We have continued to grow and evolve in the ever changing building environment providing residential solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing a pleasurable experience in creating the project of your dreams. We operate more like a Building Consultant than an Architectural Draftsperson.

At NewScape Design Group we provide a holistic view to the Building process encompassing every process that may need to be addressed during this time. As we all lead very busy lives, it is consuming enough to deal with one service let alone several services, hence the reason why at NewScape Design Group we prefer to take on this responsibility ourselves and reducing the burden on you as the client.

The experience has come from acutally been there on site constructing homes since my childhood days working with Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd. This experience has been priceless and allows me to push the boundaries of modern day design.



Daniel Wheatley

I have had many years of experience and exposure to the Building Industry through my father who is the driving force behind Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd who has a well established reputation that has been earnt through many years of hard work. This also allows me to keep up with the latest innovations, building techniques and products as I continue to provide consultancy services to them.

I have assisted him in the construction of many homes in the local Mandurah area. This experience it has lead me to being the Director of NewScape Design Group and providing Building Design and Drafting Services to the Peel Region.

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