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"The NewScape"



Completed in January 2017

This unique design home was the result of a difficult, heavy sloping block, that would prove difficult for many people, but the owners saw potential to capture the ocean views. Whilst this design sat on the drawing board for many years, it was this time that was spent refining and detailing what has become today. The build itself was a labour of love you could say as it was very challenging and a difficult site to get out of the ground, but once these elements were in place the home evolved and grew.

The upper alfresco allows the owners to close off and control the weather elements as they see fit, but with minimal impact to the scenic environment of the ocean views. It is a useable area all year round.

It was constructed by Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd and completed just in time for Christmas in 2015 for the owners and their family to enjoy.

The finishing and final touches are a testament to the Builder, it has been a pleasure to work with the Builder as well as the owners.

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